Perth Pregnancy Ultrasound Pty Ltd (ABN 32 623 549 271), trading as Beautiful Beginnings Ultrasound is a clinic that supplies 2D/3D/4D baby ultrasound imaging as well as other services from time to time such as newborn and maternity photography and the sale of baby and pregnancy related retail products to you (the “Customer”). By booking and attending Beautiful Beginnings Ultrasound, the Customer agrees to have understood and be bound by these Conditions and that these Conditions are deemed to have been signed by the Customer. The Customer includes their unborn child(ren) and any respective heirs, guardians, assignees and legal representatives. The Customer acknowledges that all baby ultrasound imaging and scanning by Beautiful Beginnings Ultrasound is non-diagnostic and it should not replace any diagnostic ultrasound that the Customer requires by the managing obstetrician, GP or any other allied professionals (together as “Health Professionals”). The Customer has requested an ultrasound with Beautiful Beginnings Ultrasound voluntarily and has had adequate opportunity to consult with their Health Professionals to address any concerns they may have in relation to the ultrasound. Any abnormality detected during the ultrasound should be referred to the Health Professionals and it is the Customer’s responsibility to do this. Beautiful Beginnings Ultrasound will not liaise with the Customer’s Health Professionals or provide any reports, verbal or written, as a result of the Customer’s ultrasound. The Customer acknowledges that they have fully informed Beautiful Beginnings Ultrasound of any abnormality detected in a previous diagnostic ultrasound and Beautiful Beginnings Ultrasound has the right to refuse to perform the ultrasound as a result of this. Should a copy of the Customer’s obstetric report be requested by the sonographer then the Customer will make this available. Beautiful Beginnings Ultrasound has the right to refuse to perform the ultrasound as a result of the report not being provided. Beautiful Beginnings Ultrasound uses a high frequency ultrasound system to obtain imaging, digital clips and other related material during the ultrasound. Although considerable research has been done on ultrasound and its safety, Beautiful Beginnings Ultrasound cannot predict any future problems arising or attributed to the ultrasound. Beautiful Beginnings Ultrasound, its staff, management, directors, officers, agents or independent contractors ( together as “associated parties”) take no responsibility for any injury or damage (either directly or indirectly) arising out of the participation in the ultrasound; the creation of imaging, digital clips and any other related material; and any other service that we provide from time to time at our premises. The total liability of any claim against Beautiful Beginnings Ultrasound and its associated parties for any services rendered is limited to the price paid for the service which is the basis of the claim. All digital imaging, clips and any other material is stored on technology belonging to Beautiful Beginnings Ultrasound and the ownership of such material remains the property of Beautiful Beginnings Ultrasound. All material will be deleted after one month of the Customer’s ultrasound and a fee will apply to duplicate these once the material has been supplied to the Customer. Beautiful Beginnings Ultrasound takes no responsibility for the accuracy of gender determination requested by the Customer and shall not be held liable for any or all costs borne by the Customer, friends, families or colleagues as a result of the gender determination. To the extent permitted by law, no express or implied warranties apply to the services provided by Beautiful Beginnings Ultrasound.


Eliana Patel
“What can I say! I started to visit Louisa at Beautiful Beginnings at the very beginning of my pregnancy as I was very anxious it being my first baby. Throughout my pregnancy journey Louisa was not just providing a service for me, but an ear to listen and a laugh after a long week. As a mother herself – her understanding, advice and support was an anchor for me during my pregnancy. Everything about Beautiful Beginnings – the service, the relaxed environment and the pure talent and expertise Louisa provides is simply next to none.

During my journey right to the end, a friendship was forged and a place grew in my heart for Beautiful Beginnings forever. 1 year later, I now work for Louisa! The passion she has for her business and to provide the very best for her ladies is unwavering. As a young woman, and now a mother, I am inspired and empowered to give the same to each and every lady who walks through our door just the same she did for me.

If you would not only love amazing keepsakes, gorgeous 3D photos and incredible 4D videos – but also a place to feel supported and understood, you are going to the right place!

For me, it really was a “Beautiful Beginning!”

Eliana Patel
Jessie Younger
“I’ve had 4 ultrasounds done this pregnancy with Louisa and she is absolutely fantastic! Such a welcoming environment :)”
Jessie Younger


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